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Insight Innovations as the name says, was founded with an innovative spirit and an unwavering mission: to create fashionable unique products that are accessible for everyone.Our name is there to bring motivation to everyone, reflecting our desire to serve everyone.

Introducing CLIPSO Innovative Concepts Of The Future.

For both new construction and home renovations, CLIPSO offers a world of options to transform your space and provide both style and function for your home. From innovative designs to specialty fabrics, custom printing, backlighting and acoustics, CLIPSO can help make your imagination a reality.

  • Clipso Stretch Ceilings

    Creative Ideas For A Better Tomorrow.

Something Special About The New POND Creative Design

The Ponds and Waterfalls we install are unique and do not always have to be outdoors. With careful pond and waterfall design, these water paradises can also be enjoyed indoors. We like to think of these projects as indoor aquariums without the glass!.

  • Innovative Pond Concepts

    Brace Yourselves For Creativity

Unique Classic Styles For Your Television!!!

Always wondered how you could hide your TV when not in use?....Well our TV lift concepts can ease your mind.

This concept doesn't only put away your entertainment center but replaces it with a spectacular view of your choosing!

  • TV Stand

    The Fresh Maker!

Bringing Innovation To Your Dining Area

Now the term 'Innovation' won't make sense without adding our creative concept of a coffee table on the list!!!.

You can't miss having this piece of art in your collection list

  • Classy Way To Enjoy Coffee

Professional Website Concepts That Will Blow You Away

Our creativity knows no boundaries or limits.......we pride ourselves in the web development area too .

We strive to bring our valued clients exceptional designs from the future and bring productivity @ its best

  • Web Designing

    The Fresh Maker!

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Lekker Time Piece

Custome Made Clocks That Will Present A Different Idea.

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Indoor Waterfalls

Custom Miniature Waterfall Projects

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Walling Techniques

Great Walls Through The Clipso Concept

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Concepts From The Future

Something Unique For Your Wall


Iresistable Designs

You can't keep away from.

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Sparkling Tables

For Shining People.